AA Life. The most grown-up campaign.
AA Life came to us as a new client in late 2018. We were challenged with a seriously tight timeframe and their need to create a creative platform for their products that had never been achieved before. Challenge accepted!

We were able to deliver a fully integrated campaign which allowed AA Life to acquire new and younger customers by persuading them to do one grown-up thing and get their life insurance sorted, and deliver it in just a few weeks.
The campaign itself was light-hearted in its approach in order to resonate with the inner child in our target segment, encourage action, and then allow them to get back to enjoying life.

Effective use of social and digital mediums also helped us reach and engage with those we wanted to convert.

The central campaign idea - do one grown-up thing today, provided a new and engaging platform for AA Life. The results have been highly satisfactory, both from an engagement perspective and most importantly, sales.

But don’t take our word for it, see what our client had to say below...
“Although AA Life have only worked with Charm for a short time, we think first impressions count. They already have a firm grasp of our business and its customers, and are collaborative in the strategic process; resulting in meaningful concepts that resonate.

They are agile and forward-thinking with their process and systems, and get the job done by keeping one eye on the customer and the other on the results. The team at Charm have impressed us with their strategic and creative talent. The cherry on top being that they seem to genuinely care about their clients and want to do what’s best by them.”

Becky McQuoid, Marketing Manager, AA Life